About Hakan

Hakan is a Martial Artist, Instructor, Studio Manager and Lead Performer/Choreographer of the X-Treme Team. After his Role in the Film Dying Ice (New York City International Film Festival/ HollyShorts Film Festival in Hollywood) and success on the hit TV series Australias Got Talent, Hakan has gone on to take part in a number of Film, TV, Commercial, Corporate and Modelling Productions. Playing the role of a Gladiator in the multi million dollar stadium sized production Ben Hur, narrated by Russell Crowe. Hakan has also Performed in a Live Stage Production in Dubai Performing Multiple shows spanning over 5 weeks. He is trained under the Meisner Acting Technique.

He is a 6th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and a World Martial Arts Champion. He has been training in the Martial Arts for Over 25 years. Hakan is 2 time NASKA World Champion. He was a former member of the Australian Taekwondo Team who travelled the World Competing and is a 3 time National Taekwondo Sparring Champion. Hakan was invited to the USA to complete a 5 Volume Martial Arts Instructional DVD Series titled “Modern & Creative Kicks” produced by Century Martial Arts (The Worlds Largest Martial Arts Supply Company) . Hakan was inducted into the ISKA Martial Arts Hall Of Fame as the Sportsman of the Year. He is in high demand for Seminars and Live performances around the world. He also created the RESPECT Clothing Apparel.

He is a Head Instructor/Managing Director At the “Australian Martial Arts Academy” which was founded by his father Ridvan Manav in 1982. The Academy has won the Global Top Single Martial Arts School in the World Award by the EFC for the Fourth Consecutive year. Hakan conducts Seminars, Camps and Private Tuition. Hakan is a University graduate with a Degree in a Bachelor of Commerce double majoring in Finance and Management, from the University of Sydney. Upon finishing his HSC (Higher School Certificate) Hakan received a score of 99.25

He is the founder of the “X-Treme Team” which is a Performance based Martial Arts team that have reached the finals of Australias Got Talent (Channel 7), Performed on other TV Programs such as the; Morning show with Kerri-Anne (Channel 9) on two separate occasions, Saturday Disney (Channel 7) also on two occasions, Weekend Sunrise (Channel 7). The team have also been invited to perform exclusively in Abu Dhabi for the Sheikh. Hakan has also Performed on The X-Factor (Channel 7).