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030517 - Embrace the Grind

Hey guys,

The past few months have been amazing for me. Every day i am grateful to be in a position to do what i love to do, grow personally and professionally in order to impact the lives of whom i interact with. Here is some of the latest.

Recenty we were invited to appear on the Today Show on Channel 9. We shared invaluable bully busting techniques, critical womens self defences moves, did some performances and showcased our extreme cute mini dragons. Check it out!

One of the all time greats, UFC Legend and Hall of Famer Royce Gracie was in Sydney Conducting a 2 hour BJJ/Self Defence Seminar.  Thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot! FYI, He’s still got full split in all directions which is quite inspiring!


2017 also marked the 35 Year Anniversary of the Australian Martial Arts Academy, founded by father Ridvan Manav in 1982. What an amazing journey it has been not only for my family but the wider community. We’d like to thank all members past and present for believing and training in our systems and all parents and families for trusting our process. Heres to many more years.

We are very honoured and proud to have received the EFC ‘Top Single Global Martial Arts School’ (5th Consecutive year) and ‘Top Global Martial Arts Team Schools’ Awards at the EFC Summit on the Gold Coast over the weekend. The awards are based on programs, services, tuition, professionalism in the Martial Arts Industry. Grand Master Ridvan and Master Hakan were also keynote presenters at the summit. There are over 750 Martial Arts school in the EFC network from all over the world and the Australian Martial Arts Academy is at the top of that list.


Celebrating our 35 years in the Industry, we are forever grateful for our members past and present, our instructors, families and support network that make Australian Martial Arts Academy the community that it is. We are on a constant and never ending journey to providing worlds best practice to our members.

And to wrap things up. Heres a look at the some of the highlights of my 6th Dan Grading.



191216 - Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart- Rumi

Hi Guys,

After 25+ years training in the Martial Arts, I received my 6th Degree Black Belt. It was an amazing day. I’d like to thank all the parents, kids and fellow instructors for their help and well wishes. It has never been about the stripes for me but more about the impact I could have on our community. Hopefully I can continue down this path. I’d like to congratulate all members who achieved their Dan/Black Belts today & say a special thank you to my Dad for always being there!


It was a special moment sharing the day with my brother, who stole the show in my opinion. Congrats again to all members for achieving their goals of a Black/Dan Belt!


Last Month i had the opportunity to head over to the states to do some training, visit some Martial Arts Schools and of course do some more sight seeing. Below are a couple of my training clip at JAM, in LA. Check it out!

IMG 0152 from Hakan Manav on Vimeo.

Hakan Manav Training at JAM 2 from Hakan Manav on Vimeo.

I also had the pleasure of visiting Team Karate Centres in LA. There hospitality was amazing as the whole team were extremely welcoming. Loved sharing a few words with the students as they were preparing for their upcoming Black Belt Exam.

14590434_10153757492166277_7527401439958392431_nOn my return from the states, i was invited to join in as a guest on the ‘Martial Arts Media’ Podcast. A show in which, George Furie, hosts and speaks to a range of different type of Martial Arts each week, providing useful tips and strategies to fellow Martial Artists. I really enjoyed our conversation. I share stories of my upbringing, the evolution of our Academy AMA, my training regime and goals in the future! Check it out by clicking the image below.


A big thank you to Irfan College for inviting me out to run a Motivational and Martial Arts School Sports Session! Mixing it with the kids is always so fun as they are completely honest and innocent. We covered bully prevention techniques, self defence moves, stranger danger and the fundamentals of respect towards one another. Miss being a child!


I was invited to run Martial Arts Workshops with the Full Time Acting Students at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) as part of their movement aspect of their course. Covering a broad range of elements including; the origins and fundamentals behind the techniques, forms, choreography, target kicks, combinations, self defence and partner drills! Enabling them with the confidence to apply it on screen/stage! 


A Big thank you to Jodi from Evolution and Con from Fusion Martial Arts in Melbourne for having me out at their schools. We covered self defence techniques, bully busting, board breaking drills, kicks, tricks and weapons. Tonnes of fun once again – until next time!


I hope its been a fantastic year filled with love, joy and growth. Tomorrow i am looking forward to heading over to the World Martial Arts Summit in Thailand, for which i have been appointed the director for Australia. I am looking forward to mixing it with some of the best instructors and mentors from around the world, as well as taking in the Thai the Culture.